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Star for Life is an educational program aimed at enhancing the self-esteem of young people so that they can realise their dreams. Star for Life has developed a unique methodology to achieve this and has shown very good results in external evaluations. The initiative is based on the idea that preventive information strengthens students’ self-esteem. With increased self-esteem pupils are better equipped to make a number of decisions regarding, for example, education and health behaviours. Music and sports play an important role in the program in order to make it more appealing to young people.

Since the start in 2005, 450,000 students have gone through the program and today there are 120 schools in South Africa and Namibia and 50 in Sweden.

Star for Life works in South Africa and Namibia and currently there are 100,000 students in the program. We have offices in all partner countries, each with its own board and local employees. The Swedish office is responsible for fundraising, information and marketing and strategic planning.

Star for Life’s work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Millennium Goals, which are ultimately aimed at creating sustainable and fair societies. Star for Life is a certified fundraising foundation and is politically and religiously independent.

Since the first pilot project was started, Star for Life has cooperated with a number of reputable partners who finance the school program or other specific projects.

“Star for Life’s method is to work with prevention strategies to provide support for young people in southern Africa. For several years now we have had the privilege of cooperating with the Jakobsson family, who  support Star for Life through their business (Barfota Restaurant). It was when their son Rasmus was on a volunteer program in Kva Zulu-Natal that he came up with the idea of giving extra support to the most vulnerable young people in our schools.

In our preventive work, we have a counsellor who gives special support to those pupils who need it most and we see this project as an initiative that will consolidate this work. We are therefore very positive about the Dandelion Project and look forward to cooperating and supporting the work in every way.

I have had the privilege of visiting some of the children the Dandelion Project supports. It is really inspiring to see how this important work is progressing with the support of generous and dedicated sponsors.

This collaboration is changing the conditions for some of the most vulnerable children and their families in South Africa. Star for Life is excited about the partnership with Dandelion and see how it is developing and strengthening all parties involved. A personal favourite is when Anders’s well-written newsletter arrives. There, we can all read about all the wonderful things that are happening within Dandelion. You really are our true friends.”

Anki Elken, Generalsekreterare Star for Life

“Star For Life offers a set of motivational programmes that inspire young people to value learning, acquire the knowledge and skills they need for productive work, and live healthy lives”.


”A future in which young people are empowered to realize their dreams as responsible members of caring communities”.


”To motivate young people to value learning, acquire the knowledge and skills they need for productive work, and live healthy and meaningful lives”.


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