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Our new CFO!

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Her name is Charlotte Pärson (everyone says Lotta), and she is our new CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Lotta has recently retired as a Controller/Auditor and will from now on help us in Dandelion with financial issues. This is how she looks


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Now it is clear – the agreement in Balito! Anki from Star for Life Sweden, Thandeka from Star for Life South Africa and Kjell from Dandelion have signed a document that regulates our future life together.
In short, this means that Dandelion is now a project within Star for Life, and how it should work practically is regulated in this agreement. Among other things, we get all the practical help we need down in South Africa. And Star for Life gets a new product in its Aid Organization portfolio.
From left you see Thandeka, Kjell, Anki and Anders shaking hands for a continued collaboration.

The sponsors and the kids at the beach

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Our trip with the sponsors from Sweden was a big success! We discovered Johannesburg, took a bike tour in Soweto, visited Vineyards in Stellenbosch, learned Capetown and visited Cape of Good Hope.

But the highlight was of course when we met our Dandelion kids i Hluhluwe, and made an excursion together to Cape Vidal. An unforgettable memory for everybody. Here we are all gathered on the Indian Ocean beach, which most of the kids never had seen before…

Finally – Our car!

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It took almost a year, but now we have it – the Dandelion car!

We have learned that everything takes a little bit longer in South Africa. To be able to rent this car for a long time, among other things, company records and signatures of all Board members were required…

That’s why Nokwe, Anders, Noluthando and Kjell look so happy!


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Every schoolyear, Nokwe and Noluthando from Star for Life gather all our caretakers in the Dandelion project for a seminar in Hluhluwe. In addition to Nokwe and Noluthando informing about our project, lectures from the police, schools, goverment authorities etc are invited to give relevant information. For many of the caretakers, this could be the only opportunity to visit the small town of Hluhluwe, and they all come in their finest clothes.

This time Kjell and Anders could participate, and here you can see all of them together.

Anders and Nokwe

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Our coach Nokwe is doing an excellent job down i South Africa, On a monthly basis she delivers foodpackages to our children and their families, and also visit their schools where she talks to the teachers and the principals.

Here you can see Nokwe together with Anders in the school yard outside one of our schools.